Day 4 - Wednesday, August 1

Dear Friends and Family,

We started off the day with cinnamon rolls, fruit, and cereal for breakfast. The food was prepared by Eva, Faith, and Natalie C. Next, we read our individual devotional which was focused on Ruth 1:1-18. It talked about how Ruth was loyal to Naomi even when things got hard. After the devotional, the team headed out to the work site. We continued on projects we had been working on all week. We are almost done with the flooring, we painted a wall, and we completed hanging beams on the ceiling. During lunch, Melissa shared her testimony which encouraged us all. On our way back to God’s closet, the leaders surprised us by stopping and getting milkshakes. They were so good! Once we got back, we had team time early. We discussed our devotional, set goals for tomorrow, and handed out encouragement beads. When we each hand out our beads we start off by saying the phrase “I saw God at work in your life today through...” (Either service, compassion, leadership, or risk taking.) After team time, we set out to go to Manchester Baptist Church to attend the youth group for the night. There, we ate pizza and Pastor Carl challenged us to share the gospel and to stand up for our faith. After the lesson, we went to the gym to play fun games including volleyball, basketball, and Scatterball which is just like dodgeball, but taken to the next level. We ended the day with playing card games and hanging out. Overall, the day was very productive.


-Faith and Eva