Day 3 - Tuesday, July 31

Dear Friends and Family,

We started off the day with breakfast burritos prepared by Madelyn, Jacob, and Charlotte. During devotions, we learned about the story of Ehud in Judges 3, with a particular emphasis on glorifying God through unique qualities. At the work site we continued to work on the same projects as yesterday: flooring, trimming, painting, and installing wooden beams. We saw improved team unity through communication, strategizing, and overall enthusiasm. During lunch, we practiced sharing the gospel as we would be doing throughout the remainder of the trip. Today we had our first day of VBS, and while we only had four kids, we definitely considered it a major success.  We talked about how Noah trusted God, sang fun songs, ate snack, made a craft, and played some games. The parachute and the popping balloon game were especially big hits. The overall energy level was extremely high, and we quickly sparked relationships with all of the kids.  Joel, as MC, kept everything running smoothly and the kids had loads of fun. Isaiah, Gabe, and Graziella cooked spaghetti, meatballs, garlic bread and salad for dinner.  After each meal a small group from our team willingly serves in the kitchen: washing dishes, putting the extra food away, and making sure everything is clean. After dinner, we got together for team time where we discussed what we did well today and reviewed what needed improvement along with what actions we need to take to have an even better and more efficient day tomorrow. Giving encouragement beads was an uplifting way to end the day.


The Natalies