Day 2 - Monday, July 30

Dear Friends and Family,


Today we got an early start to eat French toast and sausages which were prepared by Joel, Gianna, and Natalie F. After breakfast, we had a personal devotional time where we studied Hebrews 11, which is known as the “hall of faith”. We then got ready for our work site which was a local church in the community. There we worked on flooring, staining, adding trimming to a wall, and adding a mural to the worship center. After we finished our construction work for the day, we went to where we are holding our VBS. There, we added the finishing touches to our planning. We then ran through a mock VBS where the leaders acted as the kids, which included climbing through the rafters, picking their noses and other childish antics. We then returned to God’s Closet where we had an hour to relax and had an opportunity to play spike ball while Faith, Eva, and Natalie C prepared tacos for dinner. After dinner, we had team time where we sang songs to the Lord, debriefed about the day and talked about our personal devotional time. We ended the night by passing out “encouragement beads”, which is where we encouraged an individual person for either leadership, service, risk-taking, or compassion.


                                                                                                                              Jacob and Gabe