Day 6 - Friday, August 3

Dear Friends and Family,

              This morning, we had breakfast prepared by Joel, Jacob, Gabe, and Isaiah.

              As it was our last day on the worksite, we had a lot to get done. We worked efficiently and diligently. We wrapped up several small projects, such as finishing the floor in the fellowship hall, unloading the church’s supplies for the sanctuary, and completed the last bit of paneling on the walls.

              After we finished the work projects, we headed to Natural Bridge for an afternoon hike. We climbed up to the top and saw a breathtaking view of God’s creation. Afterwards, we ate a delicious pizza dinner at Miguel’s Pizza.

              As we are preparing to go home tomorrow, we would like to thank all of the people who have prayed for and supported us on this mission’s trip. We are looking forward to seeing you all soon!


                                                          Charlotte and Madelyn

Day 5 - Thursday, August 2

Dear Friends and Family,


We got energy for the day through breakfast prepared by Isaiah, Gabe, and Graziella. Breakfast consisted of pancakes, sausage and other breakfast items.


We went over Luke 15:11-32 - the prodigal son - for our 45 minute devotion time. After packing our work supplies onto the van we went to the work site. We finished our flooring, which has been one of the biggest and most time consuming projects all week. We also finished multiple smaller tasks. During lunch, one of our LeaderTreks leaders shared her testimony. After lunch we finished the wall paneling in the outreach center.  


Today we also had our Day 2 VBS; it was the last one of the week. Today, we did a run through of our Jonah and the whale story and then we began to start the VBS. We had the sweetest kids who went to a local church down the street and have been coming for the past five weeks. Everything went smoothly and we had a successful VBS.


We came back to God’s Closet to a meal of parmesan chicken and pasta, prepared by Charlotte, Jacob, and Madelyn. After dinner we ended the day with team time, which was a very good spiritual conversation.


Overall this day was a huge success and benefitted us greatly!


-          Joel and Isaiah




Day 4 - Wednesday, August 1

Dear Friends and Family,

We started off the day with cinnamon rolls, fruit, and cereal for breakfast. The food was prepared by Eva, Faith, and Natalie C. Next, we read our individual devotional which was focused on Ruth 1:1-18. It talked about how Ruth was loyal to Naomi even when things got hard. After the devotional, the team headed out to the work site. We continued on projects we had been working on all week. We are almost done with the flooring, we painted a wall, and we completed hanging beams on the ceiling. During lunch, Melissa shared her testimony which encouraged us all. On our way back to God’s closet, the leaders surprised us by stopping and getting milkshakes. They were so good! Once we got back, we had team time early. We discussed our devotional, set goals for tomorrow, and handed out encouragement beads. When we each hand out our beads we start off by saying the phrase “I saw God at work in your life today through...” (Either service, compassion, leadership, or risk taking.) After team time, we set out to go to Manchester Baptist Church to attend the youth group for the night. There, we ate pizza and Pastor Carl challenged us to share the gospel and to stand up for our faith. After the lesson, we went to the gym to play fun games including volleyball, basketball, and Scatterball which is just like dodgeball, but taken to the next level. We ended the day with playing card games and hanging out. Overall, the day was very productive.


-Faith and Eva

Day 3 - Tuesday, July 31

Dear Friends and Family,

We started off the day with breakfast burritos prepared by Madelyn, Jacob, and Charlotte. During devotions, we learned about the story of Ehud in Judges 3, with a particular emphasis on glorifying God through unique qualities. At the work site we continued to work on the same projects as yesterday: flooring, trimming, painting, and installing wooden beams. We saw improved team unity through communication, strategizing, and overall enthusiasm. During lunch, we practiced sharing the gospel as we would be doing throughout the remainder of the trip. Today we had our first day of VBS, and while we only had four kids, we definitely considered it a major success.  We talked about how Noah trusted God, sang fun songs, ate snack, made a craft, and played some games. The parachute and the popping balloon game were especially big hits. The overall energy level was extremely high, and we quickly sparked relationships with all of the kids.  Joel, as MC, kept everything running smoothly and the kids had loads of fun. Isaiah, Gabe, and Graziella cooked spaghetti, meatballs, garlic bread and salad for dinner.  After each meal a small group from our team willingly serves in the kitchen: washing dishes, putting the extra food away, and making sure everything is clean. After dinner, we got together for team time where we discussed what we did well today and reviewed what needed improvement along with what actions we need to take to have an even better and more efficient day tomorrow. Giving encouragement beads was an uplifting way to end the day.


The Natalies

Day 2 - Monday, July 30

Dear Friends and Family,


Today we got an early start to eat French toast and sausages which were prepared by Joel, Gianna, and Natalie F. After breakfast, we had a personal devotional time where we studied Hebrews 11, which is known as the “hall of faith”. We then got ready for our work site which was a local church in the community. There we worked on flooring, staining, adding trimming to a wall, and adding a mural to the worship center. After we finished our construction work for the day, we went to where we are holding our VBS. There, we added the finishing touches to our planning. We then ran through a mock VBS where the leaders acted as the kids, which included climbing through the rafters, picking their noses and other childish antics. We then returned to God’s Closet where we had an hour to relax and had an opportunity to play spike ball while Faith, Eva, and Natalie C prepared tacos for dinner. After dinner, we had team time where we sang songs to the Lord, debriefed about the day and talked about our personal devotional time. We ended the night by passing out “encouragement beads”, which is where we encouraged an individual person for either leadership, service, risk-taking, or compassion.


                                                                                                                              Jacob and Gabe


Day 1 - Sunday, July 29

day 1.jpg

Dear Friends and Family,

 Today we arrived in Kentucky after a 9 hour drive.  Upon arrival we met our Leader Trek leaders.  After getting situated in our room we had a delicious dinner.  While Joel, Madelyn, and Graziella did clean-up, the others finished unpacking and we started our meeting.  At our meeting we discussed how we would grow in Christ during our trip, and what we would be doing throughout the week such as: doing construction work for a nearby church, and the VBS we will be hosting.  We are very excited about the opportunities God has planned for us through the rest of the week.  That is all for tonight.  Don’t forget to check up on our blog for more daily updates!

                                                                                                                 Gianna and Graziella